About Me

If you clicked on the "About Me" picture to get here, I gave you two clues to a some of things that I love!

Hint? ...The beach & champagne! Throw in a good book, hammock, family & friends and I'm never coming back!

I am REALLY bad at getting our family pictures done. I try for every other year, but usually forget.

I LOVE animals. Want to include them in your session? Please DO!! Horses. Dogs. Cats. Cows. Pigs? Bring on whatever animal you have!

I'm really good at busting out some cheesy jokes during a session. I get it from my son, he loves "Dad" jokes.

TACOS ARE LIFE!!! Try to argue that one with me!

About Amber Edwards Photography - Family -

Amber (that's me!), my husband Gabe and our son Gavin. Photo by Mariposa Imagery

Me, on a more serious note...

I have been photographing professionally since 2013; growing and learning every year that passes.

I am a wife, and mother to an amazing young man that's growing too quickly for my liking... as well as two dogs.

I have a background in early childhood development that has lead me to positions as a preschool teacher, an early childhood educator for home child care and centers, an office manager for a local charter school, where I currently still sit on their school board.

In the end, my passion is photography and I am thankful to be able to do that full time.

The intention for all of my sessions are for my clients to have fun in the moment and not worry about the camera. It's not always about the location, but the amazing people that surround you, and the memories you make in those moments... that you can look back on years later.

About Me Amber Edwards Photography

Photo by Watermelon Sugar Photography